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November 2006
Luxembourg, November 6th 2006
Common Europe Luxembourg is proud to invite you at its next event :
featuring Allison Butterill and Debbie Saugen from ITSO Rochester
Agenda - November 6th 2006, at Hotel Novotel Kirchberg Luxembourg

Like you can learn through our Agenda, we have replaced our October session by a full-day event planned by the beginning of November to have, after New-York, after Miami and after Las Vegas, the advantage of the "Experts" from Rochester.

On November 6th 2006, the COMMON/ITSO Roadshow will be held at Novotel Kirchberg-Luxembourg : book your agenda today !

These experts will propose 4 technical topics, presented in english, based on DB2, WDS, and Backup/Recovery.

  • From 09h00 to 09h30 : Members Welcome - Coffee
  • From 09h30 to 10h30 : Session ITSO #1 by Alison Butterill
  • From 10h30 to 10h45 : Coffee Break
  • From 10h45 to 12h00 : Session ITSO #2 by Alison Butterill
  • From 12h00 to 13h30 : Luncheon
  • From 13h30 to 14h30 : Session ITSO #3 by Debbie Saugen
  • From 14h30 to 14h45 : Coffee Break
  • From 14h45 to 16h00 : Session ITSO #4 by Debbie Saugen
  • Starting 16h00 : Event Closing - Drink
COMMON/ITSO Roadshow - About logistics

You'll be free to follow the session(s) that interest you, individually or the whole set !
However, with the aim to achieve the best organization, we ask you to register to the session(s) you intend to participate.
COMMON/ITSO Roadshow - About speakers

Alison Butterill

Alison Butterill

Alison is an IBM Certified Consulting I/T Specialist. Her current position is System i Application Development Offering and Strategy manager for the System i Brand Team. Alison has worked in the mid-range area for more than 25 years holding a wide variety of positions at IBM, always specializing in the areas of application development and database. In her present position, Alison is working with a wide variety of IBM teams to develop strategic direction and offerings for developers on the System i. One of the System i key initiatives, the System i Developers Road Atlas is a key component of her current responsibilities. Alison is a regular speaker at technical conferences and COMMON conferences around the world and holds numerous Speaker Excellence medals from COMMON North America.

Debbie Saugen

Debbie Saugen

Debbie is the Technical Owner of System i Backup and Recovery in the Rochester, MN Development Lab. She is also a Senior Business Recovery Architect/Consultant with IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services. Debbie ensures the Backup and Recovery Solution meets the customer's requirements in capability and usability. She does actual Backup/Recovery testing using the new functions, products and publications. As a recognized expert on Backup and Recovery worldwide, Debbie enjoys sharing her knowledge by speaking at Common, Technical Conferences, Business Continuity and Resiliency Conferences, User Group conferences and writing for various magazines, books and websites.

COMMON/ITSO Roadshow - More about the agenda

Session #1 - DB2/400 Advanced Functionality Sampler
  • There are a wealth of advanced functions that have been added to DB2/400 since V3R1, such as referential integrity, check constraints, database triggers, etc. What are all of these new functions ? This session will provide an overview of these functions, proving that the use of these features makes DB2/400 an exellent database server in a modern environment.
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Session #2 - WebSphere Development Studio for System i
  • WDS for System i is IBM's complete suite of tools for creating and maintaining applications for the System i. Included in the toolset are the additional languages compilers as well as development components to work with those traditional technologies such as RPG and COBOL. But WDS also includes tools to assist in integration and creation of applications using Java, Web, XML, etc. What are the pieces included in WDS and how should they be used ? This question and more will be reviewed and answered during this session. WDS for System i continues to make the System i the best platform for development of any application -- Traditional or eBusiness.
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Session #3 - Backup/Recovery Strategies Update
  • Ensuring a complete backup and recovery strategy is a key to any business. Learn what you need to know to update your backup and recovery strategy for logicallly partitioned systems (LPAR), hardware management console (HMC), Lotus Notes and Windows servers, Linux and AIX in a partition, and the use of independent ASPs. New support for backing up spooled files and performing a backup of the system data in a non-restricted state will be covered. This session also takes you through example backup strategies and the steps needed to recover your system after a system failure or disaster.
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Session #4 - Disaster Recovery : Be Prepared !
  • Performing a successful disaster recovery -- whether conducting a test recovering from a real disaster -- is key to any company's business continuity. Learn the top 10 mistakes customers make when testing or performing a real disaster recovery. The recovery process will be discussed along with tips, techniques and best practices to ensure your recovery goes as well as possible.
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