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Les Nouvelles de Common Europe Luxembourg

L'assemblée Générale ordinaire de Common Luxemboug se tiendra le 29/11 à 19H au restaurant "Les jardins d'Anaïs"  

IBM Announcement ::: V7R4
IBM i 7.4 and IBM i Portfolio give strong foundation for continuing innovation 

Meetup Artificial Intelligence on IBM Power
IBM PowerAI Luxembourg - Inaugural Meetup event 

Join the meetup about Artificial Intelligence in Luxembourg

35 years of Common Luxembourg
Common Europe Luxembourg was founded in 1983 and will celebrate its 35th year with an exceptional event.  

IBM i 30 years celebration
Common Belgium and IBM organize a celebration event 

IBM i Power 9
IBM announcement  

Happy holidays
Happy holidays from Common Europe Luxembourg 

Maxava iFoundation has renewed its support to Common Europe Luxembourg

Excellence awards 2017
    Excellence Awards - BeNeLux Power, Europe’s smartest IBM Power Expo and Conference, gives international visibility and honors innovative, smart solutions from clients and BPs/ISVs/Consultants through Excellence Awards. Nomination deadline is Tuesday, 31 October 2017, 23:59 hours CET.  

Invitation au CEC

Registrations are open for CEC 2017 in Brussels
Registrations are open for CEC 2017 in Brussels. Take advantage of the early bid registration.  

Early bird fee for Common Europe Congress 2017
Early bird fee for Common Europe Congress 2017 

Benelux Power Excellence Awards 2016 invites best solutions involving the IBM i
Benelux Power Excellence Awards 2016 invites best solutions involving the IBM i For the first time, Benelux Power organizes the Excellence Awards to honor the most meriting innovative solutions leveraging the IBM Power systems and the IBM i.   The aim is simple. Showcase the innovative solutions enhancing business thru the IBM i. 

The Benelux Power event 2016 is confirmed for 19-20/10/2016. Save the date 

20th April: Modernisation IBM i
Common Europe Luxembourg relays the invitation from Common Belgium  

Common Europe Luxembourg 2016 survey
Common Europe Luxembourg is running a survey to know more about the members and propose more attractive activities.  

Common Europe est en deuil
 Waldemar Puk, Président de Common Pologne et de Common Europe est décédé dans un tragique accident de la route ce 25 novembre 2015. Nous présentons nos condoléances à sa famille.  

IBM i Webcast announcement by Tim ROWE
Join us in this webcast where Tim Rowe goes through all news in TR3 for IBM i 7.2 and TR11 for 7.1  

Benelux Power 2015 : The agenda is available
Make a note in your diary: October 21st - 22nd 2015. Benelux Power 2015 event provides valuable information on the future of IBM i  

Webcast: Node.js, DB2, and RPG; talking at last : September 3 at 14H
Let’s say you’re considering learning Ruby but know one primary requirement is that existing RPG business logic must be easily accessible from Ruby.  Problem solved, because that’s where XMLSERVICE fits in. XMLSERVICE is a single library of open source RPG code that enables XML scripting calls of IBM i resources using most any language available on your platform. XMLSERVICE RPG library does not require any licensed programs or any other language product to run on your IBM i, however various language teams may provide a precompiled version of XMLSERVICE with any given product offering (i.e. PowerRuby). In this session we will walk through the various features and ways to communicate with an existing RPG program and other IBM i resources directly from a Ruby program that is running on the same IBM i! 

Steve Will Presentation on IBM i modernization
Steve Will, BM i Architect, made a great webinar presentation for common europe about IBM i modernization  

Do not Miss Steve Will on Common Europe Webinar: Friday 27th 14H
Steve Will - IBM i Trends & Directions 

Common Europe Webinars

Register for the Power Benelux Power 2014 Common Europe tour + iBelieve

Les dernières présentations sont disponibles
Visitez les pages des sessions pour télécharger les présentations Linux - MQ et les annonces Power 8 

IBM announces IBM i 7.2

IBM i 7.1 Technical Release 8
IBM i 7.1 Technical Release 8 announced April 8, planned availability June 6 

Common Europe Congress is free for students (Academic Initiative)
The next CEC will be “International i-Power 2014” in Old Windsor / England on June 18th and 19th. The attendance and accomodation is free for students.  

The next IS community meeting about "Digital Trends Outlook 2015 - Business Digital Ecosystems" will be organized on March, 14th in Luxembourg.