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IBM Announcements Power 7, IBM i 7.1, AIX 7
Luxembourg, le 14 avril 2007
En partenariat avec IBM, le Comité de Common Europe Luxembourg a le plaisir de vous inviter à la session :
Power 7 announcements
par IBM
Agenda : Le 29 avril 2009, au Mercure Kikuoka Golf Club
  • De 13h30 à 14h00 : Welcome Coffee
  • de 14h00 à 17h00 : IBM announcements
a great opportunity to learn the latest possibilities on Power 7
a new version of I5/OS : IBM i 7.1 what 's in ?
a new version of IBM Power Unix : AIX 7
  • de 17h00 à 19h00 : Golf Initiation
a great debriefing opportunity
discuss with your peers (colleagues)
  • à partir de 19H : Common barbecue
take this chance to discover the "common atmosphere", share your experience in a friendly context
a great closing for his important day do not miss it.
IBM Power 7 announcements

Take control of your growing workload with IBM Power 7
  • Power 7 hardware latest announcements
  • Power System Software : new branding (Power HA, Power VM, IBM Director,...)
  • IBM i 7.1 Enhancements and new functions
  • AIX and the future : a guide to the upcoming AIX 7 release

participation is free but registration is mandatory.

(la participation est gratuite, mais l'inscription est obligatoire).

Inscrivez vous sans tarder, car le nombre de places est limité.

presentations are now available for download

Power 7 presentation

Power 7 - AIX presentation

Power 7 - IBM i 7.1 presentation