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Novembre 2010 Power of i Tour
Luxembourg, le 10 octobre 2010
Le Comité de Common Europe Luxembourg a le plaisir de vous inviter à la session :
Power of i Tour .

featuring IBM Rochester speaker.
the traditional Rochester roadshow is back and we are happy to present again a POWERfull agenda:
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Agenda (1) - November 10th 2010, at Hotel Hilton Luxembourg.

On November 10th 2010, the "Power of i Tour" will be held at hotel Hilton Luxembourg : book your agenda today !

The experts from Rochester will present technical and management topics :

  • From 08:30 to 09:00 : Members Welcome - Coffee
  • From 09:00 to 10:15 : Compare and Contrast iNav, Director Nav, Systems Nav for IBM i   by Dawn May (IBM Rochester)
  • From 10:15 to 10:40 : Coffee Break
  • From 10:45 to 12:00 : IBM Systems Director by Dawn May (IBM Rochester)
  • From 12:00 to 13:00 : Power technology + product announcement overview + IBM i71 overview by Danny VanDaele (IBM Belgium)
  • From 13:00 to 14:15 : Lunch
  • From 14:15 to 15:15 : IBM Systems software (PowerVM and PowerHA) + IBM AIX7 by Philippe Ceyssens (IBM Belgium)
  • From 15:15 to 15:45 : Coffee Break
  • From 15:45 to 17:00 : RPG Open Access by Philippe Bourgeois (IBM France)
  • From 17:00 : Event Closing - Drink

(1) subject to change
Sessions abstracts :

Compare and Contrast iNav, Director Nav, Systems Nav for IBM i

This session will take a closer look at
IBM Systems Director, System i Navigator, and Navigator for IBM i functionalites head on! We will show some of the advantages and disadvantages of using one tool over another and how they are integrated

IBM Systems Director
IBM Systems Director is a web-based management tool brings together the best of all our previous systems management tools into one place. The result is a single point of control where you can manage Power Systems, BladeCenters, System x, and System z, along with IBM i, AIX, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Come learn how to utilize the latest IBM Systems Director has to offer including how to monitor, automate, configure, update, and virtualize. Learn how energy management begins with a free download. You will also learn how IBM Systems Director ties in your favorite tools so you can use what you already have, while at the same time grow your toolkit with Systems Director's plug-ins. See how we can run IBM i, AIX, and HMC web console tasks, as well as commands and scripts on managed operating systems.

RPG Open Access
RPG Open access has been announced recently and allows you to connect an RPG program to any devices using standard RPG instructions. This session is a must for the i developper.

Speaker Bios

Dawn May is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM in Rochester, Minnesota. Dawn's current position is a technical project manager and consultant for the Performance and Scalability Services Center in Rochester. In this position, she works with IBM i clients to plan and execute performance and proof of concept tests for new or changed hardware and software. Prior to this position, Dawn was the lead for the IBM i Systems Software Development organization and an IBM i Business Architect, where she had responsibility for the overall strategy and plan for the core components of the IBM i operating system. Dawn also had technical leadership responsibilities for i performance and diagnostic tools; she led the development of the 7.1 and 6.1 performance tools enhancements, which includes the "Performance" tasks in the IBM Systems Director Navigator for i Web console. Other past responsibilities include testing, SNA and TCP/ IP communications development, service tools development, and work management development. You may contact Dawn via email at

Danny Vandaele is IBM Power Systems Product Manager BeNeLux for IBM Belgium.

Philippe Ceyssens is IT Specialist, Power Systems & AIX Technical Sales for IBM Belgium

Philippe Bourgeois is a IBM sysem engineer and a frequent speaker for IBM France - Systems &Technology Group - Power System i - Field Technical Sales Support - MLV.
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