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Application Development:

special event in "La Cave des Vignerons Wormeldange"
featuring Susan Gantner and Jon Paris.

Luxembourg, le 25 septembre 2012.
Le Comité de Common Europe Luxembourg a le plaisir de vous inviter à la session :
Application Development
by Susan Gantner and Jon Paris
The sessions will be presented in English.

Susan Gantner and Jon Paris are recognized experts in the domain of IBM i application development.
You can read about them from their website :

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Agenda : Le 9/10/2012, à Wormeldange : Caves Vinmoselle
09:00 : Bus meeting point : Parking du Glacis - Luxembourg
09:30 : Arrival in Wormeldange, welcome coffee
10:00 : Make your SQL Sing by Susan Gantner
: Coffee Break
: Fast, free Applications for your IBM i
: Lunch, followed by a visit of cellars and vineyards
: Return by bus to Luxembourg - approximate arrival 17h
Tools and Tips to Make Your SQL Sing

Susan Gantner

How do you know if you're getting the best performance from your embedded SQL RPG programs? The SQL engine and its optimization capabilities are always evolving so even if you did a good job of optimizing your programs originally, how do you know if they are still performing as well as they could?

In this session, Susan provides an overview of SQL performance concepts and looks at some of the no-charge tools to help you tune applications without the need to become an SQL performance guru.

Some of the questions we'll address include:
• What's the difference between CQE and SQE and why do I care?
• Should I worry about the number of Indexes/logicals I have? How many is too many?
• Does it make a difference if I use a LF name in my SQL statements vs a PF or table name?
• What tools can tell me how to improve the performance of my specific SQL statement/program?
Fast Free Applications for your IBM i

Jon Paris

Are you tired of constantly exporting and importing data for "foreign" applications running on Windows or Unix/Linux servers? Do you wish there was an easy way to keep more applications on IBM i?
This session shows you two approaches that will help you to ensure that modern applications can be deployed on IBM i easily and without breaking the budget.

• Exploit the huge world of open source applications and tools that you can easily implement on your IBM i. And what's more, you can easily integrate these applications into your DB2/RPG universe.
• Create powerful browser-based database applications in minutes using readily available application frameworks - writing almost no code yourself. And all the data can be stored in DB2 so you can easily integrate these applications into your existing inventory.

Can it really be that cheap and easy to do? Yes, thanks to the ability to run PHP and MySQL on IBM i. In this session, Jon will discuss a number of open source applications and will also demonstrate a number of application frameworks to show just how quickly and easily new web-based applications can be deployed.
Keep your IBM i alive and vibrant and be a hero to your end users by responding quickly to requests for new web based applications.

You do not need to be a PHP programmer to do this. Come find out how.

The hand outs are available for participants. just send an e-mail to