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ILE CL Programming Update
Le Comité de Common Europe Luxembourg à le plaisir de vous inviter à la session :
ILE CL Programming Update
par Paul Roy de Real Solutions
Agenda : Le 21 février 2013, à l'hotel DoubleTree by Hilton
  • à partir de 12H30 sandwich lunch
  • 14 H ILE CL part 1
  • 15H30 cofee break
  • 15H50 ILE CL part 2
  • 17H closing & drink
Still programming CL like 10 years ago...

A lot of new stufs have been added to the ILE CL over the past years...
ILE CL is no longer the basic command language of the S/38...
there are a lot of possibilities that we will explore together during this session.
  • ILE Family
  • File processing
  • Sub procedures
  • Subroutines
  • Loop
  • Data type
  • Data structures
  • with a lot of samples