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Luxembourg, Septembre 2017
Le Comité de Common Europe Luxembourg a le plaisir de vous inviter à la réunion
The Top Security Risks Auditors Complain About and How to Tackle Them-
Agenda : Le 28 septembre 2017, à 12H30 Lunch. à 14H présentations.

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HotelDouble Tree

There are typical security risks that Lab Services consultants find in almost every security assessment. Several of these findings are also risks that auditors complain about. It is not always obvious what security mechanisms and features can be used to address the identified risks. This session lists the most important issues and common misconceptions and shows how to address them based on feasible best practices.

SPEAKER : Thomas Barlen - IBM
The presentation can be downloaded here

TopSecurityRisksTBarlen .pdfTopSecurityRisksTBarlen .pdf

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