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JUNE 8th, 35th anniversary
Luxembourg, le 21 mai 2018
Le Comité de Common Europe Luxembourg à le plaisir de vous inviter à la session :
Agenda : Le 8 juin, à l'hotel Mercure Kikuoka à Canach
  • 13H30 accueil des participants
  • De 14h-16H Innovative presentations
  • De 16H à 17H30 Golf initiation
  • 17H30 Anniversary reception
  • 18H30 Barbecue
The final agenda is still being built. There will be many highly interesting and attractive short presentations.
Innovative applications will be demonstrated.

Astonishing web sites realization on IBM i

1) ORIS - CIB (Koen Decorte)

In the age of internet shopping, holidaymakers want to book their accommodation online.
How could ORIS help real estate agents serve their customers, while also complying with government regulations?
ORIS developed the Lazee online booking platform on IBM i, coordinating data from estate agents nationwide,
and ensuring there are no double bookings.

2) DEKNUDT FRAMES (Koen Decorte)

With many of its retail partners only able to stock a small proportion of products,
how could Deknudt Frames ensure that consumers weren’t missing out on their favorite items?
To offer consumers and resellers easier access to a broader range of products,
Deknudt launched an e-commerce platform powered by IBM i—enabling retail partners to streamline inventory management.

3) JORI - CONFIGURATEUR 3D (Koen Decorte)

Consumers love to try before they buy, as well as customize items to suit their individual needs.
How could JORI fulfill this demand without overwhelming salespeople with customization options?
JORI created an online 3D configurator using IBM i RPGLE web services, fully integrated with
core manufacturing and sales systems, making it easy for consumers to choose and build their perfect item.

Artificial Intelligence


See Watson in action in professional applications. Visual/facial recognition, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, translate ...

5) Belgium beers label recognition (Franz Bourlet)

The challenge of Energy

6) Energy saving and recycling in the Data Center (Geoffrey Roy)

Innovative technologies like block chain, big data analytics, ... require more and more power computing ... How do we address this question in the data center?

7) How to power the internet of things? (Geoffrey Roy)

How do we face the power challenge when every device is connected to the internet.

Les présentations sont postées ici ...

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