Maxava iFoundation has renewed its support to Common Europe Luxembourg

Common Europe Luxembourg is delighted to have been selected for a grant of 2000 USD from the maxava iFoundation.

The money will be used in 2018 to enhance the services that the organisation provides to its member : the IBM i community in Luxembourg.

The committee will timely publish details of the agenda and invite all members to the activities and meeting.

There will be a big event this year to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Common Europe Luxembourg.... more to come...

There will be at least 6 technical meetings to cover the news in our domain of IBM i & Power Systems expertise: system management, application development, modernization, security, best practices, compliance,...

Our web site design is now 15 years old... We are working on a new website, more attractive and responsive... stay tuned...

The committee would like to recognize the importance of the grant received from the Maxava iFoundation.
It helps to make the events of the community very appreciated and great events.

We want to address a big thank you to Maxava for their support. .