Archives 2009-2000

05/02/2009 WebSphere Development Studio Lab Paul Roy
12/03/2009 Adventure is just bad planning :
Overview of backup techniques for “i”
Paul Roy
23/04/2009 Encryption Thomas Barlen
From 17/06/2009
To 20/06/2009
Common Europe Congress (Krakow, Poland)
18/06/2009 SOA PWC
24/09/2009 IBM i V6R1
28/10/2009 Power Day Panel of Renowed Experts
27/11/2009 Closing Dinner (“Sapori”)


14/02/2008 Query/400 is dead,
Long life to DB2 Web Query !
Paul Masschelein
11/04/2008 Computer Security Black Spots Claude Marson
22/04/2008 Power Roadshow Panel of Renowed Experts
03/05/2018 Software Configuration Management Philippe Magne
From 17/05/2008
To 20/05/2008
Common Europe Congress (Barcelona, Spain)
13/06/2008 Happy Birthdays !
14/10/2008 PHP + MySQL on i5/OS Fabian Michel
14/10/2008 IBM Systems Director Navigator for i5/OS Fabian Michel
30/11/2018 The Power of i Tour Panel of Renowed Experts
28/11/2008 Closing Dinner (“Les Jardins du Président”)


15/02/2007 IP Telephony on System i Danny Vandaele
Mike Valiant
22/03/2007 V5R4 Enhancements for DB2 Jos Vermaere
28/04/2007 PHP on System i Paul Roy
From 19/05/2007
To 22/05/2007
Common Europe Congress (London, United Kingdom)
21/06/2007 Query is dead ! Pierre Lemaire
Kris van Dijck
18/10/2007 IT and legislation (continued) Pierre-Paul Boegen
Serge Rauq
07/11/2007 COMMON/ITSO Roadshow Jarek Miszczyk
Claus Weiss
23/11/2007 Closing Dinner (“Patin d’Or”)


16/02/2006 Evolution of ICT infrastructure Telindus
10/03/2006 Roadshow IBM : New Announces IBM
29/03/2006 Introduction to Business Continuity Management Stéphane Hesschentier E20060326-001
27/04/2006 Discovering new System i5 and i5/OS V5R4 Eddy Pasteger E20060427-001
24/05/2006 IT and Legislation Pierre-Paul Boegen
Serge Raucq
From 11/06/2006
To 13/06/2006
Common Europe Congress
Stockholm, Sweden
Panel of Renowed Experts
28/09/2006 System i5 Performance Tips & Tuning Jos Vermaere E20060928-001
From 29/09/2006
To 30/09/2006
Common France Interclubs Panel of Renowed Experts
06/11/2006 COMMON/ITSO Roadshow Alison Butterill
Debbie Saugen


17/11/2006 Closing Dinner (“Steimetz”)
15/02/2005 OS/400 Security Day Carol Woodbury


24/03/2005 DB2/400 : A Technical Review Jos Vermaere E20050324-001
28/04/2005 Consolidation and Virtualization :
Are Mainframes dead ?
Claude Marson
26/05/2005 LPAR i5 “Up-to-Date” :
Logical Partitions on the IBM Power5
Eddy Pasteger E20050526-001
From 05/06/2005
To 07/06/2005
Common Europe Congress
Sheveningen, Hague (Netherlands)
Panel of Renowed Experts
28/09/2005 New Tools and Techniques with V5R3 and Power5 Fabian Michel
Bart Desitter
05/10/2005 Innovative Solutions for iSeries Panel of Renowed Experts
27/10/2005 Backup & Recovery Eddy Pasteger E20052710-001
02/12/2005 Closing Dinner (“Les Espaces Réunions”)
18/02/2004 Why Domino on iSeries ? Francine Wiener
25/03/2004 Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi) Iris Decoster E20040325-001
29/04/2004 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing on iSeries : Back to basics Laurent Zeller
Emmanuel Forestieri
27/05/2004 iSeries 2004 Announcements Eddy Pasteger E20040527-001
From 20/06/2004
To 22/06/2004
Common Europe Congress
Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom)
Panel of Renowed Experts
30/09/2004 Maintenance Strategies Eddy Pasteger E20040930-001
27/10/2004 iSeries : your Linux server Fabian Michel E20041027-001
26/11/2004 Closing Dinner (“Fridrici”)
03/01/2003 Common Europe Requirements System Paul Roy
27/02/2003 iSeries Announcements Franz Bourlet
27/02/2003 iSeries Dynamic Logical Partitioning Eddy Pasteger E20030227-001
44/04/2003 Current Trends for Technologies Market Claude Marson
26/03/2003 RPG IV for Everybody Paul Roy
From 22/05/2003
To 27/05/2003
Common Europe Congress
Warsaw, Poland
Panel of Renowed Speakers
26/06/2003 XML on iSeries Vincent van der Linden
24/09/2003 Innovative Solutions for iSeries Panel of Renowed Experts
23/10/2003 BeNeLux Power Panel of Renowed Experts
23/10/2003 Happy Birthday Linda Cole
Frank Soltis
21/11/2003 Closing Dinner (“Le Grimpereau”)