Archives 2019-2010

28/02/2019 Developing with Node-RED on IBM i Koen Decorte E29190228-001
28/02/2019 PowerAI update Franz Bourlet E29190228-002
11/04/2019 Access other databases from RPG using Open Access Paul Roy E20190411-001
23/05/2019 Achieving compliance with the latest
IBM i security features
Thomas Baerlen E20190523-001
From 16/06/2019
To 19/06/2019
Common Europe Congress (Berlin, Germany)
30/09/2019 Common Europe iTour Panel of Renowed Experts
From 06/11/2019
To 07/11/2019
Power BeNeLux Panel of Renowed Experts
29/11/2019 Closing Dinner (“Les Jardins d’Anaïs”)
28/02/2018 Cognitive Power Franz Bourlet
23/03/2018 GDPR Christophe Buchmann
26/04/2018 IBM i 30 Years with Common Belgium Steve Will
Jacques Platieau
03/05/2018 IBM i V7R3 and latest TR Fabian Michel
08/06/2018 35th anniversary event
From 17/06/2018
To 20/06/2018
Common Europe Congress
27/09/2018 IBM i modernization Koen Decorte
From 08/11/2018
To 09/10/2018
BeNeLux Power Panel of Renowed Experts
30/11/2018 Closing Dinner (“Clairefontaine”)
06/12/2018 Common Europe iTour Panel of Renowed Experts


23/02/2017 IBM i and Power Open Source Fabian Michel
Franz Bourlet
23/03/2017 Advanced API Paul Roy E20170323-001
27/04/2017 Web Services XML Paul Roy
01/06/2017 Watson Panel of Reowed Experts
From 18/06/2017
To 21/06/2017
Common Europe Congress (Brussels, Belgium)
28/09/2017 The top security risk auditors complain about
and how to tackle them
Thomas Barlen E20170928-001
15/11/2017 Common Europe iTour & BeNeLux Power Panel of Reowed Experts
24/11/2017 Closing Dinner (“Le Sud”)


25/02/2016 IBM i Management Interfaces & Latest Updates Paul Masschelein E20160229-001
24/03/2016 SQL Lab Paul Roy E20160324-001
20/04/2016 Application front-end modernization on IBM i Panel of Renowed Experts
26/05/2016 IBM i Connectivity Paul Roy
From 17/06/2016
To 20/06/2016
Common Europe Congress (Stockholm, Sweden)
29/09/2016 Time to move to the Cloud Xavier Legrand E20160929-001
From 19/10/2016
To 20/10/2016
BeNeLux Power Panel of Renowed Experts
25/11/2016 Closing Dinner (“La Pomme Cannelle”)


Canceled WebSphere MQ Lab Paul Roy
26/03/2015 IBM i V7R2 IBM
23/04/2015 Encryption Lab Paul Roy
From 17/06/2015
To 20/06/2015
Common Europe Congress (Gdansk, Poland)
18/06/2015 IBM i Security Update Thomas Barlen
24/09/2015 Web Services Paul Roy
From 21/10/2015
To 22/10/2015
BeNeLux Power Panel of Renowed Experts
27/11/2015 Closing Dinner (“Ma Langue Sourit”)


27/02/2014 Printing Paul Roy
27/03/2014 Storage IBM
24/04/2014 Analytics IBM
22/05/2014 Change Management Tim Rowe
From 17/06/2014
To 20/06/2014
Common Europe Congress (Windsor, United Kingdom)
25/09/2014 Introduction to WebSphere MQ Paul Roy
27/09/2014 Introduction to Linux on Power Franz Bourlet
From 18/11/2014
To 19/11/2014
BeNeLux Power Panel of Renowed Experts
30/11/2018 Closing Diner (“La Gaichel”)


21/02/2013 New ILE CLP Paul Roy
18/03/2013 IBM PureFlex Systems Tiki Wanduralaga
25/04/2013 WebQuery Workshop Paul Roy
23/05/2013 IBM i V7R1 last TR Fabian Michel
Common Europe Congress
03/10/2013 Free RPG Paul Roy
14/11/2013 iBelieve Frank Solis
29/11/2013 Closing Dinner (“Lea Linster”)


16/02/2012 IFS Paul Roy
22/03/2012 WebQuery Paul Masschelein
26/04/2012 iSecurity Paul Roy
From 09/06/2012
To 12/06/2012
Common Europe Congress (Wien, Austria)
20/09/2012 IT Trends & Directions Claude Marson
09/10/2021 Application Development Special Event Susan Gantner
Jon Paris
13/11/2012 Power of i Tour Alison Butterill
Steven Finnes
30/11/2012 Closing Diner (“Château de Bourglinster”)


17/02/2011 IBM i V7R1 Jos Vermaere
24/03/2011 Storage Options for Power Systems Fabian Michel
28/04/2011 Introduction to Java on IBM i Paul Roy
From 29/04/2011
To 05/05/2011
Study Tour Common North America
From 23/05/2011
To 25/05/2011
Common Europe Congress (Milano, Italy)
22/09/2011 API by Example Paul Roy
15/11/2011 Power of i Tour Alison Butterill
Rob Bestgen
25/11/2011 Closing Dinner (“Le Windsor”)


11/02/2010 i5/OS Native Printing Paul Roy
25/03/2010 Lotus Knows How, Lotus Knows Why Laurent Boes
29/04/2010 IBM Power7 and Latest Announcement IBM
From 12/06/2010
To 15/06/2010
Common Europe Congress (United Kingdom)
23/09/2010 PHP Lab Paul Roy
10/11/2010 Power of i Tour Dawn May
26/11/2010 Closing Dinner (“Le Sud”)