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IBM User Group Day

May 20 14:00 18:00

Dear Power Systems and IBM i user …

Common Europe invites you to join a unique 2-day event on 19 and 20 May, uniting more than 12 user groups in a FREE virtual conference. It’s a comprehensive selection of live, interactive lessons, demos and advice sessions featuring IBM professionals, partners, customers and users.

The Power Systems track, on 20th May, is represented by Common Europe and Common North America speakers.
This includes 4 sessions organized by Common Europe on 20 May from 14.00 featuring expert European speakers:

– Koen Decorte

– Mats Lidström

– Niels Liisberg

– Rudi van Helvoirt

If you want to learn more about everyday technologies and grow your skillset or simply start a conversation or ask a question to an expert, IBM User Group Days is the event to be.

To register for this event and for more information about the content and sessions available, click on this link :


See you online !


Fun with node-red and IBM i services


Koen Decorte


Using some IBM i services and node-red learn how to quickly build a dashboard and link applications together with a few simple flows.

20 May : 8 am ET, 14:00 hours CET


Modernization Success Story – An example from real life


Mats Lidström


During this session I will describe how we have helped a customer to make their processes more automated, flexible, efficient and modern without risking a big system replacement and lock-in. Step by step is the way to go to meet the future and to lower the risk and costs.

20 May : 9 am ET, 15:00 hours CET

Microservices on IBM i


Niels Liisberg


The design paradigm of enterprise solutions has changes dramatically over the last couple of years. Why is SOA not the big buzz any longer and how come can a much simpler technology gain all the focus? Microservices is easy to work with and runs in any environment on IBM i. From node.js and JAVA to Python and RPG. You can expand and deploy to any platform – on premise – In the cloud. It’s so flexible !

20 May : 10 am ET, 16:00 hours CET


Systems Management Modernization


Rudi van Helvoirt


By showing how Systems management used to be done and how it can be done, the need to modernize the way we manage our systems becomes obvious. This presentation will get you started by showing how things can be done, using the modern tools which are available today on IBM i.

20 May : 11 am ET, 17:00 hours CET

Join us for IBM User Group Day, a unique virtual event experience !