Code of ethics for delegates of affiliated companies at Common Europe Luxembourg

The Code of Ethics of the “Common Europe Luxembourg” Club is a set of guidelines that all club affiliates are required to respect. It can be reviewed and adapted by the Committee if necessary.

Acceptance of the code of ethics is mandatory for membership and for participation to Club activities. Any non-compliance can be sanctioned by the Committee. This one can refuse participation in activities to the delegate(s) of a company and even exclude the company from the Club.


  • All commercial activity is prohibited during Club meetings;
  • The information and documentation received during Club meetings are confidential and can only be published with the agreement of the Committee;
  • Delegates should adopt correct dress and moral behavior;
  • Any attempt of debauchery of personnel is prohibited.

Knowing the special relationship between the purpose of the Club and IBM, and the information needs of affiliates regarding IBM products and services, the Committee may authorize the presentation of such products and services without this being considered breach of guidelines.

The Committee.