IBM discontinued the AS/400 over 20 years ago :

  • In 1988, the AS/400 was launched, replacing the old System/3x range
  • In 2000, AS/400 was replaced by a new system : the IBM iSeries
  • In 2006, iSeries was replaced by a new system : the IBM System i
  • In 2008, System i was replaced by a new system : the IBM Power System

The IBM Power System range was a major change in the IBM midrange line because the Power System separates the hardware from the operating software with the ability to running multiple partitions (Virtual Machines), running different operating systems : AIX, IBM i and Linux.

Meanwhile, the Power System evolves from Power6 to Power10.

Meanwhile, the Operating System evolves from OS/400 to i5/OS to IBM i.

In summary, no you are not running an AS/400 : you are running IBM i onto a Power System.

Change your mindset, this is NOT an AS/400 this is a Power System.

Repeat after me : “This is a Power System running the IBM i Operating System”.

A powerful, modern server platform running web interfaces, modern languages and open source. It’s highly securable with legendary reliability and easily automated, IBM i is great !

Do you call your Windows Server a DOS Computer ?
Do you call a Ford Mustang a Ford-T ?
I don’t confuse my smartphone with old mobile phones from the 90’s. Do you ?

The AS/400 is dead, long live to IBM i : read the IBM i Roadmap !